How I got started getting interest in kawaii things:

Scented Putty Eraser

First of all, when my friend  gave me putty eraser that was in a hello kitty container, I thought it was really cute so I asked where she got them. She told me that I can get them at the Sanrio store. When I got out of the Sanrio store I bought so many other things as well.

Decoden Tape

Second, when I went to visit my friend, she gave me two rolls of decoden tape… it was really cute so I want to get more of them so I went online and searched for decoden tape rolls. I finally found a website that sells them very cheap,, 10 tape rolls for $2.00, I bought 4 of them.

Japanese Iwako Erasers

Next, I got into Japanese iwako erasers, but I don’t remember how I got into them. But I did have a bag full of erasers but I lost them…but I started collecting them again but not the ones I had before.

Polymer Clay Creations

On Youtube, there are tons of channels where people do tutorials on polymer clay creations. They are like miniatures of  regular things we use or squishy-inspired charms but just with cute faces added to them!


There just basically something soft that is fun to squish, good for a wrist cushion, and cute! Once you get to hold on one and squish it, you’ll get addicted to squishying squishies and keep buying them.